Triple Choc Dessert

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Triple Choc Dessert By Zarah Rose @mz_keto



BY zarah rose @MZ_KETO


♥ TRIPLE CHOC DESSERT 🍫 Comment below if you would love this! 🤤

1️⃣ Melt 50g Dark Chocolate in a small pot on a low heat for 5mins. Once melted mix in 20g Vanilla MCT Powder & 40ml Coconut Milk. Scoop into two dessert cups 🥥

2️⃣ In the same pot with some left over Dark Chocolate melt 30g White Chocolate & a dash of Salt on a low heat. Once melted mix in 10mls Coconut Milk & pour onto Chocolate layer. Set in the freezer for 10mins ❄️

3️⃣ Melt White 30g Chocolate on a low heat. Once melted add 30mls Coconut Milk & pour onto Caramel layer. Eat warm or set in the freezer for another 10mins 😋

▶️ Recipe: 2 Serves | 376 Calories | 4.9g Carbs 🔵

🔥 Tips: Add a layer of Raspberries or Strawberries mixed with Gelatin & Water 🍓

✦ Alternative to Dark Chocolate: Vitawerx Milk Choc without the added powder

✦ Alternative to Vanilla MCT Powder: Any flavoured Protein, Collagen or MCT Powder 👌🏼

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