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    When you’re looking to eat healthy and get fit, a protein shaker tends to become one of your most valuable tools. The right kind of protein shake — that is, one that’s high in protein, low in sugar and low in carbohydrates — can serve as a great snack or meal replacement when you’re looking to mix things up in the kitchen, or before a workout.

    That’s why Vitawerx provides our very own protein shaker, designed to be easy and convenient for you to carry around as needed. It’s a great way to not only show that you’re dedicated to health and fitness but to help execute those goals. Available in black or white, with a purple lid and the Vitawerx logo prominently emblazoned on the side, the Vitawerx protein shaker holds up to 700ml and is BPA-free, making it an ideal option for anyone looking for a new protein shaker. It also features a plastic insert, so you won’t need to worry about any unpleasant chunks of powder in your delicious protein shake.

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    As well as our protein shaker bottle, Vitawerx also stocks a wide selection of treats to help keep you fit and healthy. Our range includes high protein keto chocolate barschoc-coated snacks and vegan mayonnaise. At Vitawerx, we are the first in the world to create a real couverture chocolate protein bar that is keto-friendly, gluten free, low in sugar and carbohydrates, with added digestive enzymes to help break down the milk solids.

    See the full range on our site today! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to get in touch with us today, and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help.