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    Living healthy doesn’t have to mean missing out on the things you love. Kick those cravings to the curb with our delicious range of keto friendly chocolate. Made with all-natural ingredients, a Vitawerx low sugar chocolate bar will melt in your mouth with it’s incredible, addictive flavours. Whether it’s a bar or two to keep your home pantry stocked with healthy delicious treats, or a gift for a friend, we know you’re going to love our keto friendly chocolate collection.

    We have spent years perfecting our low carb chocolate bar recipes to bring you a range of keto chocolate that is absolutely guilt free. From the moment the first Vitawerx low sugar chocolate bar passes your lips, you’ll be hooked. In addition to containing digestive enzymes, our Vitawerx low carb chocolate bar is also high in protein, gluten free and vegetarian, delivering a scrumptiously healthy experience with every bite.

    With a low carb chocolate bar from Vitawerx, we are delivering a taste sensation minus the harmful chemicals. The all-natural ingredients in every bar will give you the chocolate fix you’ve been searching for without the preservatives and additives which can be detrimental to your body. We believe in keeping you and your family healthy, by delivering a low sugar chocolate bar that is actually good for you instead of a guilty pleasure, we are taking the stigma away and replacing it with an Australian-made product that your whole family can enjoy.

    Sample our newer flavours or stick to your original favourites, no matter which high protein chocolate bar you choose, you are guaranteed a heavenly experience. Whether it’s our delicious milk chocolate or one of our delicious hazelnut spreads, just a taste of our keto friendly chocolate will brighten your day. Visit one of our retailers or order online today for the best keto chocolate bars on the market.