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    Keen to stick to your keto diet whilst still enjoying the delicious condiment goodness that is mayo? You have come to the right place.

    Our customers say we make the best keto mayo and we have to agree. We spent a long time perfecting our keto mayonnaise recipe to ensure it was a taste-sensation whilst offering the high fat, low carbohydrate macronutrients needed for people on a keto diet. Trust us, it was worth it! Our ALL DAY LAY classic mayo has 0g of carbohydrates per serving and it’s the tastiest keto mayonnaise in Australia. Vitawerx guilt-free keto mayo is a smooth, creamy mayonnaise that will have your taste buds asking for more! Our Aussie made mayonnaise keto condiments replicate the taste of regular mayonnaise and contain a blend of natural ingredients. We make our keto mayonnaise without using eggs, dairy, sugar or artificial additives which means our yummy keto mayo is also suitable for vegans.

    Staying healthy doesn’t have to be a drag, with our delicious keto mayonnaise. If you need confirmation about how good our keto mayo’s actually are, a quick look at our reviews will tell you what our customers really think! A keto mayonnaise that’s both tasty and healthy, that’s a win-win in our book! Keto mayo can be used as a condiment, as a dip for your favourite keto crudités or as part of a recipe. For a wide selection of tasty recipes developed by our readers, take a look at our vita-recipes.

    With three keto mayo flavours on offer, you can be the judge of which is the best keto mayonnaise for your taste buds. Choose from our turmeric, ginger and garlic keto mayo, BBQ mayo or the classic keto mayo. Can’t decide between them? Order all three!

    Purchase keto mayo online today from Vitawerx, or buy in store from one of our retailers and find out what you’ve been missing!