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Cut the sugar and start enjoying delicious real chocolate treats, packed with 100% natural superfood enriched goodness!

Are you ready for the ultimate keto treats?
Vitawerx has dedicated years to perfecting our secret recipe for the ultimate keto friendly snacks.
Our world renowned chocolate not only tastes amazing, but is naturally rich in ultra-premium protein and healthy fats that satisfy chocolate cravings while providing quality nutrition.

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Our Ingredients

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Known for its delicious chocolate taste, this amazing superfood is loaded with antioxidants and health benefits.

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Sunflower lecithin

Naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and EFA's, Sunflower Lecithin is the ultimate natural emulsifier.

Whey Protein Isolate Powder

Whey Protein Isolate

The purest form of whey protein. WPI is micro-filtered to remove any additional fats, sugars and lactose, leaving an ultra-pure source of highly bio-available protein.

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Natural Sweeteners

Our perfected 100% natural sweetener blend makes Vitawerx chocolate ideal for anyone wanting to enjoy chocolate, with added nutritional benefits while reducing their sugar intake.

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Cocoa Butter

This delicious superfood is derived directly from the Cocoa bean and is rich in good fats (EFS's) and antioxidants.

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Natural Vanilla Flavour

Vanilla is another super ingredient, adding antioxidants and delicious vanilla notes while working as a natural sweetener.

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Please consider doing your own research on any ingredients.

What our customers say...



I ordered the milk choc, white choc and choc coconut bars and absolutely love them. The spreads are amazing too!!! The BBQ mayo is so tasty too. Such awesome customer service.



If you’re looking for chocolate that tastes amazing and meets your keto needs then, this is for you! My favourite is the coconut rough bar but, they are all delicious 💛



Super impressed with this chocolate, perfect treat while I’m following a keto, low carb diet. It’s creamy, full of flavour and the perfect go to when I need a sweet hit.


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