Speed Up the Healing Process with Vi-Tea!

Undergoing surgery places a huge stress on the body and it’s not until you’re out of the surgery room that healing can begin. As to how well your body heals depends on many things including genetics, wound management, diet and lifestyle. One of the most important things you can do to improve the wound healing process and ensure a speedy recovery is to increase your consumption of certain nutrients known for their positive effect on wound healing and skin function. These include:
  • Vitamin C- bursting with antioxidant goodness, improving skin integrity and elasticity, reduces inflammation, improves immune function and boosts collagen production (1)(2).
  • Vitamin A- increases collagen production (1)(2).
  • Zinc- increases collagen production, promotes tissue growth and skin healing (3).
  • Magnesium- is a wonder mineral and involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body. It helps to improve circulation, assists DNA repair and reduces inflammation (4).
  • Hydration- is another important factor and is often overlooked. Dehydrated skin loses elasticity and can become fragile and more prone to breakdown. Dehydration will also reduce the body’s capacity to circulate blood efficiently, impairing the supply of nutrients and blood to the wound (3).
It’s often hard to consume adequate amounts of these nutrients on a long-term basis through our food, as far too often our soils are nutrient poor, over time this impacts upon your digestive system making it sluggish and toxic. Vi-Tea contains 4 key ingredients Lingonberry, Green Tea, White Tea and Grape Seed. These power packed ingredients contain all of the abovementioned nutrients and are bursting with antioxidants and immune fighting properties. With Vi-Tea you’ll be sure your healing process is a smooth one. By Megan Maitland Naturopath BBioMedSci BClinSci