Low Sugar Caramello Easter Eggs
Caramello Eggs


 Recipe By @MZ_KETO



1. Melt Vitawerx Choc in a small pot on the lowest heat, Once melted pour into silicon molds & use a teaspoon to push chocolate up the sides of the mold

2. Add 35g Vitawerx White Chocolate into the same pot used for Milk Chocolate on a low heat. Once melted, add 20 ml of water and 1g of himalayan Salt.
Stir with a spatula & pour into middle of Eggs 

3. Set in the freezer for 90 mins

4. Gently seal halves together or leave as halves if preferred, Store in freezer & put in a container in the fridge day you want to have one ▶️

Note: To make White Chocolate Eggs. simply reverse the instructions above & add the 20 ml water to the Milk Chocolate in the middle.
Silicon mold available from supermarkets & discount stores.