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    Coated Treats

    Craving chocolate but want to stay healthy and hit your protein goals? Our selection of high protein chocolate snacks will help you tick both boxes.

    Eating healthy doesn’t need to be boring or bland. It doesn’t need to mean eating the same thing every day either! At Vitawerx, we have developed our range of low carb low sugar snacks to help you be healthy whilst still enjoying delicious treats.

    A low sugar, low carb, vegetarian, gluten-free, chocolate protein snack may sound too good to be true, but Vitawerx has made it happen! The secret? Our commitment to developing innovative, high-quality products that not only taste amazing but are nutritious too.

    Fed up with seeing high sugar, high carb snacks marketed as good for you, we have spent years developing low sugar snacks that taste great whilst also fulfilling your nutritional needs. Our chocolate protein snacks are made from premium natural ingredients, are keto friendly, and include digestive enzymes delivering a healthy taste sensation with every mouthful.

    If you find yourself craving chocolate during the day, our chocolate protein snacks are the perfect choice to satisfy your sweet-desires. A guilt-free treat, Vitawerx individually-packaged products mean you can enjoy a chocolate protein snack at work, on-the-go, at the gym or when you are relaxing at home. Add a keto friendly chocolate bar to your order for a double chocolate fix.

    Don’t just take our word for it! Our high protein chocolate snacks have many five-star reviews from customers who love their rich flavour and health benefits, many have said they are better than regular chocolate covered fruit and nuts!

    Choice is king. We offer a wide selection of yummy treats so you can order the high protein chocolate snacks that are right for you. Choose from milk or white chocolate and take your pick of nuts, dried fruit or coffee beans.

    Try our tasty chocolate protein snacks for yourself. Order online today or visit one of our retailers.