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For a healthy breakfast alternative with a sensational flavour, look no further than Vitawerx low sugar, high protein chocolate spread. Made from real hazelnuts in delectable milk and white chocolate varieties, our protein chocolate spread is the perfect guilt-free snack that is all-natural and low in sugar. We have formulated the perfect keto-friendly, high protein chocolate spread recipe over many years to bring you the Vitawerx range which is both vegetarian as well as being completely gluten free.

Each serving of our high protein chocolate spread contains approximately 25% of protein whilst containing only 1 gram of sugar, so you know that with every tasty bite you are doing something good for your body. Our low sugar protein chocolate spread also contains digestive enzymes so it isn’t just the most delicious snack you will have today, it might also be the healthiest.

The unique blend of ingredients in our hazelnut protein chocolate spread, combined with the good natural fats are a unique blend that work in the most beneficial ways for your body. At Vitawerx, being healthy in your snacking habits is both simple and delicious.

Whether you are shopping in one of our retailers or buying online with fast and convenient delivery services in Australia and around the world, Vitawerx high protein chocolate spread will become a pantry essential for healthy families. Try our uniquely healthy hazelnut protein chocolate spread today and experience healthy snacking at it’s best.

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