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Macadamia Choc Drops!

BY zarah rose @MZ_KETO



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1️⃣ Add 60g White Choc & 30g Coconut Oil into a small pot & melt on a low heat for 10mins. Dice 30g Milk Choc Coconut Rough & add 5g into each mold. Once chocolate has melted pour mixture into each mold
2️⃣ Crush 60g Milk Choc Macadamia Nuts & sprinkle 10g into each mold, Set in the freezer for 20mins ❄️
3️⃣ Remove from molds & Enjoy!
▶️ Recipe: 6

Tips: Store in the fridge or freezer in an air tight container
✦ Silicon mold from @Wish
✦ Vitawerx Chocolate available on their website, @EliteSuppsAustralia, @LowCarbEmporium, @GoVitaAustralia & many health food stores
⭐️ Link on my website in bio for Ingredients & Discount Codes

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