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chocolate mellowpuffs!

BY zarah rose @MZ_KETO

chocolate mellowpuffs!

1️⃣ Add 60g White Chocolate & 60g Milk Chocolate into two small pots & melt on a low heat for 10mins. Once melted pour into silicon molds
2️⃣ Add 50mls Water & 20g Monkfruit Sweetener into a small pot on the stove on a medium heat for 3mins until sweetener dissolves
3️⃣ Add 50ml Cold Water & 15g Gelatin into a mixing bowl, Swirl mixture around & Add Hot mixture. Blend with a stick blender or electric mixer for 10mins. Once thickened add a drop of Vanilla Essence, Pinch of Salt & quickly add on top of chocolate
3️⃣ Set in the freezer for 15mins until set, Enjoy!
▶️ Recipe: 6

Tips: Store in the fridge in an air tight container

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