Speed Up the Healing Process with Vi-Tea!

Undergoing surgery places a huge stress on the body and it’s not until you’re out of the surgery room that healing can begin. As to how well your body heals depends on many things including genetics, wound management, diet and lifestyle. One of the most important things you can do to improve the wound healing […]

Dr.Oz on White Tea for Weight Loss

White Tea increases energy and boost metabolism in the morning, reduce stress and fat storage around lunch, throw away and metabolise fat in the afternoon and kill cravings in the evening! Because White Tea is less processed than other teas, the polyphenolsa antioxidants are extra potent. White Tea also contains ECGC, another antioxidant that helps […]

We’re all about dat White Tea!

Lisa Guy knows what’s up”✌???? “White tea contains the same types of antioxidants as green tea, but in greater quantity. These antioxidants are found to have many health promoting properties including boosting cardiovascular health, helping to lower cholesterol, reducing the risk of cancer and enhancing weight loss.” – via nutrition expert Lisa Guy, www.bodyandsoul.com.au