We are making headlines
for all the right reasons!

The team at Vitawerx are revolutionising the natural supplement sector with an expanding range of Australian made products.

VITAWERX is a sports nutrition and health-based company focused on formulating market-leading products for everyone. Our goal is to continually research and produce a broad range of natural health products to achieve practical everyday results. To bring our crazy ideas to life, we’ve joined forces with some of Australia’s best food scientists, naturopaths and biochemists to create innovative products

 Our team are dedicated to creating high-quality natural products to give you the best possible results while putting your health first.

At VITAWERX we practise what we preach! Known as the VI-Team we all have a special place for fitness, clean eating and everything healthy! We have a passion for promoting an active, healthy lifestyle and are proud to formulate quality products that have an abundance of benefits

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